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[Ree-D-info(EN)]Vol.3 異分野meetup week 2020/Women in STEM Leadership Summit

Hello, this is the Promotion office of Research environment for Diversity (Ree-D), today we have two notices.

1.Announcement of 異分野meetup week 2020
2.Japan-U.S.-Korea Women in STEM Leadership Summit

1.Announcement of 異分野meetup week 2020
KNIT(Network to Develop Research environment for Diversity in Hokkaido)are holding an interdisciplinary meetup week 2020.

Researchers from wide range of research area are warmly invited.
Notice that the poster presentation in meetup week 2020 is required to apply for the KNIT collaborative research grant, which purposes the leadership development for female researchers. The grant call for application is scheduled to open in December.

Event name:異分野meetup week 2020
Date:Monday 30 November – Friday 4 December
A. Online Poster Exhibition
B. Online communication salon to talk about research
C. Online Seminars
How to participate:
If you are joining as
1.a poster exhibitor.→
(Deadline for application is Tuesday, November 10,
and the deadline for data submission is Friday, November 13.
2.a poster viewer. (No deadline)→
3.To Participate in the online seminar, please register on the separate
registration site (currently under preparation).

★Registration is required for all types of participatoin through

See here for more information.

2.Japan-U.S.-Korea Women in STEM Leadership Summit
This virtual trilateral event will bring together participants from the United States, Japan, and Korea for four days of lively discussion from October 20-23 (Japan time).

Representatives from government, academia, the private sector, and civil society will meet to share experiences and lessons learned, and to reflect on issues critical to the future advancement of women in STEM.

The summit is a virtual high-level forum to share effective measures and approaches for developing and retaining the next generation of women leaders in STEM fields.

If you are interested in attending, please register here.

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Promotion office of Research environment for Diversity(Ree-D)

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