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Set for temporary breaks during pregnancy and childcare (trial)


In the questionnaire that I went to in the past, there was an opinion, “There is no rest room in the department where I can get a little sideways when I feel ill during pregnancy” or “I milked in a private toilet room”.
As a female researcher support room, we think that such a break room should be maintained at each department as a matter of course, and we work with them through our university department.
However, in some departments, maintenance is not progressing because of the shortage of vacant rooms.
Therefore, we decided to conduct a survey of actual conditions and demand while trying to lend equipment that could secure the minimum private space.


When you want to lie down temporarily when you are feeling ill during pregnancy, or when you are milking, we will lend you some equipment to ensure a clean, private space at a minimum.

Available person

Female teachers, researchers and students at this university who are pregnant or need milking

Contents of Lending set

-Three-part partition  ✕ 2
-Cot ✕ 1
-Accessories 1 set


30 days from the start of lending

About setting place

Please consider the location in advance and obtain permission from the manager of the location.
The exclusive area at the time of bed development is 250 cm x 80 cm.

How to apply

We accept applications from time to time. Please apply from the application form below.

Application form

Usage rule

-When using, please fill in the usage time in the attached usage list each time.
-Only those registered as users can use it.
-If you wish to share with more than one user, please apply for each one.
-You will receive a notification email near the end of the 30-day loan period, so be sure to reply.
-Please handle loaned items carefully so that the next person can use it with confidence.
-Damage in normal use is borne by the Female Researcher Support Office. The borrower should bear the damage caused by non-user use, intentional use and purposeless use.
-The female researcher support room carries out transportation of the set, but you may come to pick it up directly.
-If you no longer need, or if there is no opportunity to use more than a week on a business trip, please return.
-At the time of return, if you contact the Female Researcher Support Office, we will take care of it.



Three-part partition

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