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Job Shadowing Training for female researchers


This program supports the “Job Shadowing Training” for female researchers who are highly motivated toward career advancement in academia. The applicant (hereinafter referred to as “mentee”) is expected to “shadow” the female researcher of higher career level (hereinafter referred to as “mentor”) to gain experience and insight into the role of a certain level of researchers. Through this training program, we aim to broaden the participation of female researchers in PI position and university management.

About Shadowing

Shadowing is the training program where the mentee can accompany and observe your mentor’s daily work and see her communication and decision making of various levels to know the skills and cord of conduct of higher position.

Expected effects of the training

Mentee is expected to acquire knowledges as below by shadowing training.

  • Communication skills with the colleagues and students and various university staffs.
  • Knowledge and skills about management works at university.
  • Reality of launching, promoting and advancement of collaborative research.
  • Examples of research and project management
  • Self-management of female researcher in higher position
    Also, mentee can expand your network through your mentor.

Examples of “Shadowing”

  • Observing/attending the conferences, faculty meetings and so on that mentor attends.
  • Discussion with students at mentor’s laboratory on various themes.
  • Meeting on the collaborative research
  • Presentation practice of the doctoral dissertation
  • Lectures to the graduate student (Mentee provides lecture)
  • Mentee stays mentor’s office and observes daily communication.
  • One-on-One direct meeting (mentoring session)

Mentor List

This is a list of those who explained the purpose in advance from us and were willing to become a mentor if there is an application.

氏名 職位 所属 WebSite
加藤 昌子 教授 理学研究院化学部門 Web
姚 閔 教授 生命科学研究院 Web
樋田 京子 教授 歯学研究院 web
小川 美香子 教授 薬学研究院 Web
石塚 真由美 教授 獣医学研究院獣医学部門 Web
矢野 里香 教授 保健科学研究院 Web
玉腰 暁子 教授 医学研究院 Web
グン 剣萍 教授 先端生命科学研究院 先端融合科学研究部門 Web
黒岩 麻里 教授 理学研究院 生物科学部門 Web




Recruitment Information for 2021

FY2021 “Mentoring & Job Shadowing Training” for Female Researchers

Recruitment Information for 2019.2020

FY2020 “Mentoring & Job Shadowing Training” for Female Researchers
FY2019 “Mentoring & Job Shadowing Training” for Female Researchers