(JA) 次世代育成

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Rikei Girls in Science in Hokkaido University

What is RinGS

This is a community that female students who tend to be minority are able to exchange information easily about career design including life plans, such as advancement, employment, work and child rearing,,,etc.

Women’s activities are gradually progressing,but they are still a minority in universities and companies.

The less that leads to a vague hazy mood feeling towards the future,”It is hard to imagine the future five or more years ahead,””I don’t know the image of research while raising children.”

RinGS supports girls’ students to look at their possibilities widely and allow them to career design themselves, through exchange meetings and study sessions that can connect verticals and horizons beyond disciplines and positions.

Exchange meeting / study group theme

  • “Do you plan to go on to a doctoral course?”
  • “When to live? Researcher’s childbirth and childcare circumstances”
  • “Women have difficulties unique to women…Healthcare for women”
  • “After all, everyone is busy, take time management!”
  • “Leadership is a skill”
  • “Let’s learn from seniors, couple’s household assignment is work management”
  • “Each research philosophy”

etc.., we are looking for the theme you care about!