Female Researchers Network

Building Networks “to Prevent the Isolation of Women in Research”

With all due consideration to the management of registration information from the standpoint of protecting personal information, including members’ identities, departments, and positions in the university, we have built a Support Network for Female Researchers in the midst of Hokkaido University’s broad campus. The Network serves to provide a variety of useful information while simultaneously strengthening exchanges and solidarity. We hope to encourage female researchers to share in each other’s problems, regardless of whether they arise in the work or research environment, or more private matters, and overcome them together so that no one has to face their problems alone.

Some of Our Activities

  • We are planning to hold regular gatherings to bring female researchers together for informal networking. In order to facilitate participation for those who find it difficult to make time for such events due to family considerations such as childcare, these events might include luncheon meetings during the noon break or post-seminar tea and coffee sessions. We hope that these events will help to expand networks among people who rarely have the chance to meet, and provide a setting for the exchange of a variety of information. Please feel free to join us. In addition to these luncheons and other events, you are also welcome to use the FResHU Office as a “mental health clinic” at any time.
  • We circulate an e-mail newsletter containing a variety of information and notices about support programs and event details to all female researchers at Hokkaido University. We invite you to take advantage of FResHU as a source of campus news, even if you are unable to find the time to visit our office or take part in our luncheon meetings.

For information on luncheon meetings and other events, please look for notices on our Home page.
*If you would like to receive information from the FResHU Office, including notification of seminars and other events, notices regarding childcare, advertisements of scholarship and research funding, or information on research postings, please sign up by writing to the following address. You will receive a reply from FResHU staff in due course.