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Mentoring & Job Shadowing training for Female Reseachers

The shadowing training has been renewed to make it easier to apply with the adoption of the Diversity Project.
In addition, for those who want to consult in detail, we will establish a “Consultation Week” that allows you to come to the support room without prior reservation. Otherwise, face-to-face consultations by e-mail, telephone or advance reservations are always accepted, so please feel free to contact us.

Mentoring & Job Shadowing training Consulation Week

Date:9/17日(TUE)~9/20(FRI) 10:00~16:00
Venue:Support Office for Female Researchers(Mid-Campus Open Laboratory Bldg #1, 1st floor)


This program supports the “Job Shadowing Training” for female researchers who are highly motivated toward career advancement in academia. The applicant (hereinafter referred to as "mentee") is expected to "shadow" the female researcher of higher career level (hereinafter referred to as "mentor") to gain experience and insight into the role of a certain level of researchers. Through this training program, we aim to broaden the participation of female researchers in PI position and university management. The program includes also One-on-One direct meeting (mentoring session) in addition to Job Shadowing

About Shadowing

Shadowing is the training program where the mentee can accompany and observe your mentor’s daily work and see her communication and decision making of various levels to know the skills and cord of conduct of higher position.

Expected effects of the training

  • Communication skills with the colleagues and students and various university staffs.
  • Knowledge and skills about management works at university.
  • Reality of launching, promoting and advancement of collaborative research.
  • Examples of research and project management
  • Self-management of female researcher in higher position
  • Improvement of the professional-development through the process of planning,training and reporting
    Also, mentee can expand your network through your mentor.

For details, please see the application guidelines below.

Application Requirements・Application Form

Application guideline(PDF)
申請書ダウンロード/Application Form