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Vol.58 WinGS Career and research talk/ Meet Up for Global Networking

Hello, today we have three notices.

1.10/18 : WinGS Career and research talk : Global glass research authority with industrial and academic career
2.11/15: MeetUp for Global Networking
3.(Recruitment) Mentoring & Job Shadowing training for Female Reseachers

1.10/18 : WinGS Career and research talk : Global glass research authority with industrial and academic career

On Octorber 18, We will hold an open seminar by John C. Mauro, a researcher invited by SG-FResHU at the Support Office for Female Researchers.

Dr.Mauro has led a development team for new glass and glass-ceramic products, including Gorilla glass, at Corning, after obtaining a PhD in glass engineering.

He has received many international academic awards, incliding the Woldemar A. Weyl International Glass Science Award.

Since 2017, he has worked as a professor at Pennsylvania State University in a wide range of academic research fields.

In addition, he has successfully developed his career in industry and academia with maintaining a good work-life balance. In this lecture, he will introduce some ideas including “Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew at the beginning of my career”.
No prior application is required, so please feel free to come.

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2.11/15: MeetUp for Global Networking

We FResHU supports the international and interdisciplinary research collaboration to strengthen women’s career advance.

We will hold a seminar to talk about the experience of Global Networking by the past winners of WinGS Global Networking Award and SG-FResHU Support .

They will be talking about knowledge gained from experience, what you devised, issues and so on.

If you are planning to start collaborative research , or if you would like to know (share) the tips and know-how to carry out collaborative research smoothly, feel free to join us!
※Seminar will be conducted in English.

Date:2019/11/15(Fri) 15:30-17:00
Venue: Mid-Campus Open Laboratory Bldg.#1
Lecturer: Dr.Kimiko Kuroki , Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences , Dr.Atsuko Araki , Center for Environmental and Health Sciences

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3.(Recruitment) Mentoring & Job Shadowing training for Female Reseachers

Now we are looking for participants for this training.
For example, you can do this through shadowing.

  • Observing/attending the conferences, faculty meetings and so on that mentor attends.
  • Laboratory management
  • Discussion with students at mentor’s laboratory on various themes.
  • Meeting on the collaborative research – Presentation practice of the doctoral dissertation
  • Management of classes and seminars
  • Mentee stays mentor’s office to observe self-management and communication in various situations
  • One-on-One direct meeting (mentoring session)

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We welcome prior counselling about finding mentor or planning training menus. If you need our help, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


We are glad if you would distribute the information about FResHU e-mail news letter to your friends and colleagues.


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Support Office for Female Researchers in Hokkaido University(FResHU)