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Lending space mats for temporary childcare at symposiums and conferences

Outline of lending

We will secure a space for temporary childcare at conferences and study groups, and lend tatami mats so that infants can spend a little more comfort.
Questions are also accepted by e-mail. Please contact

Target group

Organizers of symposiums, academic societies, study groups, study groups, etc.

Rental item details

  • 82 × 82 × 2.2cm, 9 pieces (middle material: urethane chip + hard cotton) 246 × 246cm when 9 pieces are connected to a square
  • The back has a joint so you can join the mats together
  • When lending, 9 pieces will be handed out in one cardboard
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Lending period

The event period + 1 day before and after the weekday. It cannot be rented or returned on weekends and holidays.
Mats can be picked up and returned between 9am and 5pm on weekdays.
ex.) If the event is Friday → Lend on Thursday, return on Monday

About the installation location

Please review the childcare space in advance and obtain permission from the person in charge of the location. The place of use is limited to indoors. Cannot be used on grass or outdoors.

About transporting the mat

Basically, the applicant should carry it. The place to deliver the mat is Front Office for Human Resources Education & Development conference room 1st Floor, Mid-Campus Open Laboratory Bldg.#1.
If you have no means of transportation, please contact us.

How to apply

Applications are accepted at any time.Please apply from the following application form.
Application Form


QSoiled the mat with milk, excrement, crayons, etc. What should I do?
AIf it is dirty enough to be inconspicuous after wiping, please return it as it is. Please contact us at the time of return for any noticeable things such as smell and color. We recommend that you use a simple sheet on a mat beforehand.
QIs it possible to eat on a mat?
APlease use if there is no other desk, low chair, high chair, etc. during temporary childcare.
QI want to borrow only three or four.
AIf the number is small, you can rent it by packing it with a string.
QWhere can I introduce childcare services?
A It is an example of a trader. please refer. (Please contact the dealer directly)