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4-part series of seminars “Leadership Development Training Program for Female Researchers Who Want to Become PIs”

Network to Develop Research Environment for Diversity in Hokkaido(KNIT)will hold a seminar series to support the improvement of leadership and management skills of female researchers. Dr. Iris WIECZOREK, President of IRIS Science Management Inc., will be the lecturer.
This is a four-part seminar series that provides practical knowledge on leadership and research management skills, and a seminar will be held every three weeks from September 2021 to November 2021.
In order to achieve the best outcome for all participants, the online seminar sessions will be complemented by offline exercises. The participants will be asked to carry out these exercises as preparation for the next online seminar session.
It is preferable that you attend in all four seminars – also in order to achieve the best outcome for you -, although it is possible to register for single seminars. (If the number of applications exceeds the seminar series capacity, a lottery will be held, and priority will be given to those who have applied for all 4 times)
All 4 seminars will be held on Zoom, please join us on your own computer. For those who find it difficult to find a convenient place to attend the seminars, we will provide a venue with infection control measures at Hokkaido University.
*If the Hokkaido University Business Continuity Plan During Coronavirus Outbreak (BCP) is raised, you may not be able to take the seminars at the venue.

Overview of the seminar

Seminar Title 4-part series of seminars “Leadership Development Training Program for Female Researchers Who Want to Become PIs”
Date/Time ①Sep/28/2021 ②Oct/19/2021 ③Nov/9/2021 ④Nov/30/2021
All seminars are held on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:30 p.m.
Targeted participants Female researchers(Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Associate Professor *including special appointment)affiliated with Hokkaido University and KNIT Joint Organization*¹
Capacity 8 (If the number of applications exceeds the seminar capacity, a lottery will be held, and priority will be given to those who have applied for all 4 seminars)
How to apply Please use the application form below to apply.
Application deadline Sep/3/2021(Fri), Noon
Held method Real-time online attendance with zoom
Lecturer Dr. Iris WIECZOREK/IRIS Science Management Inc.
Language English
Enquiries Promotion office of Research environment for Diversity, Front Office for Human Resource Education and Development, Hokkaido University
TEL 011-706-3625
KINT website
  • No entry fee.You are responsible for the cost of the communication connection for the seminar.
  • We will use the video conferencing system “zoom” in this seminar. You will also need a Gmail address as we will be using Google Chat to communicate with the instructor and other participants. To participate in this seminar, you will need a PC or tablet and a stable internet connection.
  • Please refer to the Zoom home page for the system requirements for auditing.
  • We recommend that you check your computer and network settings beforehand at the Zoom test site to see if Zoom is available.

KNIT Joint Organization*¹・・・MURORAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Kitami Institute of Technology, Amino Up Co., Ltd., NITTO DENKO CORPORATION.
*Applications for this seminar have been closed.

Session Contents

Session 1: September 28, 2021

Theme Session 1: Understanding the Dynamics of Diverse Teams
Date/Time Sep/28/2021  4:00 – 5:30 pm


Session 2: October 19, 2021

Theme Session 2: Motivating the Team
Date/Time Oct/19/2021  4:00 – 5:30 pm


Session 3: November 9, 2021

Theme Session 3: Effective Problem/Conflict Solving
Date/Time Nov/9/2021  4:00 – 5:30 pm


Session 4: November 30, 2021

Theme Session 4: Delegating & Supervising Students
Date/Time Nov/30/2021  4:00 – 5:30 pm


Voice of previous participants

  • Use of the skills I learnt from the seminar to my daily life in lab and life.
  • The interactive style was very effective.
  • Found useful advice for developing my scientific career.
  • Find my weakness and room to improve my skills.

    About the Lecturer

    Dr. Iris WIECZOREK

    Dr. Iris Wieczorek studied Japanese and Chinese Studies, and Computer Science at the University of Hamburg. She has nearly 30 years of Japan experience, is involved in research management and training activities for over 20 years, and has a broad knowledge about the academic and scientific systems in Europe and Japan. In 2000, she joined the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies in Hamburg, a member institute of the Leibniz Association, where she has been working in comparative assessment of the Japanese research and innovation system. In 2008, she established the Japan Office of the German Research Foundation (DFG) in Tokyo, and acted as its director until 2012. Subsequently, she founded IRIS Science Management Inc, a Tokyo-based company specialized in career development training, diversity training, research management and in supporting “International Relations In Science”. She retains a research position with the GIGA and is representing the Leibniz Association in Japan. Her work is based on a broad and trustable network in the scientific(political) communities in Japan and Europe, and she is member of various Japanese research policy committees.