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Vol.09_Information of a workshop “Active Learning”

Workshop: “Active Learning”

Welcome to the 9th issue of our newsletter.
We will introduce a workshop “Active Learning” to you today.

Workshop: “Active Learning”

Office for International Academic Support(OIAS) is going to host
an “Active Learning” workshop (2 hours) by Prof. Jill Leonard on July
27, 2015. 

As some of you know from the Prof. Leonard’s seminar on 14 July,
she is an expert of active learning and excellent speaker.
Prof. Leonard has kindly offer to do a workshop “Getting started with
Active Learning in your classroom” for us. 
If you are interested in participating this workshop, please feel free
to come to the class.
1.Seminar Title:
“Getting started with Active Learning in your classroom”

Prof. Jill Leonard
(Biology Department, Center for Teaching and Learning, North Michigan
* Prof. Leonard is in Hokkaido University as an invited Prof. at the
Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere this summer.

3.Date and time:
July 27, 2015 (Mon.) 13:00-15:00

Room 404, Bldg. # 2, School of Science

Office for International Academic Support (OIAS)