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Vol.24 Winners of WinGS “Global Networking Award”, SG-FResHU Support

[FResHU-info(EN)] Vol.24
– Winners of 2016 WinGS “Global Networking Award” were decided.

-Financial support for invitation, deadline 15th June.

## Winners of 2016 WinGS “Global Networking Award” were decided.

Award Winners

Dr. Atsuko Araki, Associate Professor, Center for Environmental and Health Sciences,
Dr. Sharon J.B. Hanley, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Women’s Health Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine,

The winners will be supplied with the travel expenses and registration fees for attending international academic congresses/meetings* and Plus-One Visit** (up to 400,000YEN).

Deadline 15th June, Financial support for invitation “SG-FResHU Support”

FResHU offers a support program for female researchers who has difficulties in traveling abroad due to pregnancy, childbirth, child-care, or nursing care. It provides them an opportunity to invite researchers from foreign countries to have deep discussion on their research.
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