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Women, Gender and Development – The Philippine Experience

Professor Amelia Guevara, Professor of Chemistry, former Vice-President of the University of Philippines Diliman, and Undersecretary for Research and Development of the Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology (DOST), speaks on the topic of gender and the professional development of women. In the 2016 Global Gender Gap Report, Japan ranked 111th – the worst among developed countries. On the other hand, the Philippines was ranked the highest country in Asia at 7th place. A tangible example of the situation in the Philippines is that women make up about half of the high-ranking positions at DOST.

Similar to Hokkaido University’s gender quality initiatives, universities in the Philippines have also been making efforts toward increasing the number of female professors. In this talk, Professor Guevara introduces how the Philippines has been taking steps to further improve this situation as well as the quality of research and education.

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■ Place
N-308, 3rd Floor, Main Building, Faculty of Science (Hokkaido University Museum)

■ Seminar date
2/13/2017 (Mon.) 16:30-17:30