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The winner of the Global Networking Award 2018 has decided

Hokkaido University is running the “WinGS (Women in Global Science) Project” to promote international activities of female faculty members as a part of the Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities. The WinGS Project sets up “Global Networking Award” aiming to encourage globally active women faculties of Hokkaido University to show up on international stages and to create global networks.

In FY 2018, five entries have been submitted, and one winner was selected as a result of the review by the Internal Review Committee.
One winner is as follows.

Dr. Junko Morimoto Associate Professor Graduate School of Agriculture/ 森本 淳子 農学部准教授

The second recruitment of the Global Networking Award will open in Oct 2018. The number of winner will be one.
WinGS Global Networking Award 2018