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Vol.48 Japanese Tea Ceremony/Career talk by International Researchers

Hello, today we have two notices by I-HoP.

  1. Japanese Tea Ceremony – A High-Context Experience (11/12)
  2. Career Talk by International Researchers (11/15)

1. Japanese Tea Ceremony – A High-Context Experience (11/12)

This seminar is for international researchers (MC, DC, PD).
Tea ceremony will be conducted in Japanese with English translation.

On this special occasion, you can watch and experience Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chado : the Way of Tea).

I-HoP is excited to introduce the authentic Japanese tea ceremony to our international doctorates and postdocs. The main part of the event is wordless because you will quietly observe a performance of tea serving by the master. You will be served with Japanese traditional confections and Usucha (green tea). You can even get hands-on experience making a cup of usucha!
Seats are limited, so please register early!

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2. Career Talk by International Researchers (11/15)

This seminar is targeted for young researchers (MC, DC, PD).
Seminar will be conducted in English.

Career Talk is a program to listen to life story of international business professionals with advanced degrees who are currently working for companies in Japan. They will talk about their career, especially focusing on their turning points of their life such as graduation, job hunting, changing job or company, and so on. To cover wide range of interest of students from many different academic disciplines, guest speakers are chosen from a variety of background; such as life science, agriculture, economics and engineering. Each session is followed by Q&A so you are encouraged to ask questions.

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