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The second “Let’s go to various laboratories and talk with doctoral students” laboratory tour & discussion

Have you decided on your next course?

Research is interesting, but can not decide to go on to doctor course yet?
What kind of lifestyle do the doctoral students take?
Why do not you go to various laboratories of Hokkaido University and look up the actual doctor’s student life?
Those who would like to see the style of other laboratories, and doctoral students who want to expand the campus network are welcome!
We prepare tea and confectionery, and seniors in various fields talk about the appeal of research hotly.

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The second: Novel Materials Hybrid Engineering Laboratory

(Professor Tetsu Yonezawa)
Date 2019/5/22(Wed)14:30-15:30
Venue 8 chome Kita 13-Jyou Nishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi
Eligibility Master’s and doctoral students belonging to our university.You can participate regardless of gender.
No entry fee.
Deadline 2019/5/21(Tue)noon

About Novel Materials Hybrid Engineering Laboratory

In this Novel Materials Hybrid Engineering Laboratory, we are engaged in the challenging study of creating hybrid materials, or so called nano-composite materials, and exploring their application potentials.
Among material systems, we handle nano-materials and atomic / molecular scale science such as surface interface electrochemistry.
As important as it is to be passionate about studying one area, we also need people who are interested in various areas and who are capable of combining knowledge from various fields.
We welcome anyone who is motivated, regardless of age, nationality, race, and sex, including working adults who seek a doctoral degree and students from foreign countries!

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