Promoting Awareness

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Promoting Awareness

Enhancing Quality and Efficiency: Rethinking How We Work

We are working to raise awareness among researchers by gradually transforming employment conditions without any change to research commitments, advocating a model that we are calling “Efficient-Sufficient Biz” (i.e., with high-quality and efficient ways of working, it will be possible to achieve sufficient results in even a limited amount of time). This is taking place even in scientific fields in which laboratory experiments impose long and absolute time constraints in the laboratory. We are also conducting publicity campaigns using posters and websites to calm anxieties that “arriving early and leaving late” or “being in the lab until midnight” are the marks of a consummate researcher, so as to revamp the image of what it means to be an “Active Researcher” among undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Understanding the Challenges Faced by Women in Research
  • Advocacy of “Efficient-Sufficient Biz” as an Employment Condition Model for Work-Life Balance for Both Men and Women
  • A Perspective Privileging Diversity over Gender in Research and Education Personnel
  • From upper management to the student body, regardless of gender, let us transform our consciousness slowly and carefully!
    • Holding seminars and workshops
    • Publicity using posters and websites

Holding Seminars for Upper Management

We are holding seminars aimed at faculty members in senior administrative roles who are in charge of managing universities and departments, including the President, Director, and Department Heads, in order to heighten awareness and interest in the actual situations and challenges faced by female researchers. Considering support for female researches in terms of “not only the ‘gender,’ but also the ‘diversity’ of personnel in research and education”, our aim is to generate a shared awareness that it will be necessary for the university to maximize participation by its various personnel, including both women and foreign nationals. At the same time, so as not to make demands that arise exclusively from the interests of female researchers, we are also aiming to provide a better environment for deepening mutual understanding of gender equality.

Raising Consciousness among Women As Well

When things do not go as planned, it is easy to fall prey to a victim complex by attributing this to the fact that we are women. But before we condemn those around us for prejudice and lack of understanding, we hope that you will reflect closely on yourself and your situation, facing up squarely to events in your life and workplace environment, and then engaging in your research and life with a sense of your own individuality while obtaining necessary support and information with the help of the FResHU Office.