Work & Life

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Work & Life

Lending space mats for temporary childcare at symposiums and conferences

We will secure a space for temporary childcare at conferences and study groups, and lend tatami mats so that infants can spend a little more comfort.

>>Lending space mats for temporary childcare at symposiums and conferences

Child Care Center in the university

There are three Child Care Center in Hokkaido University,and support life of the staff of a school and the growth of the child.
Promotion office of research environment for Diversity provide the information relating to child care center and child care.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and anxiety about the first birth and child care.

>>Child Care Center in the university

Research assistant Support

We assist an expense to employ a research assistant to balance research activities with the birth, child care, caring for parents.

When it comes to work to seeing off and welcoming back of the nursery school, it becomes difficult to find the time for experiment, study in the same way as to this

You can maintain substantial education, research activities in limited time by employing a research assistant carrying the supports such as the handling of document collection and data, the experiment

>>Research assistance Support for maternity leave and childcare leave

Support to child rearing

Improving and Promoting the Use of Nurseries and Parental Leave Systems
>>Support to child rearing

Accompanying Interpreting by Ree-D supporters

We dispatches accompanying interpreters (called Ree-D supporters) to day-care centers/hoikuens and health centers for helping the child care for foreign researchers and international students.
>>Accompanying Interpreting by Ree-D supporters

Child-care Infomation

LINK for Sapporo Childcare Guide, SEMI(Sapporo English Medical Interpreters’ Group) and so on…
Child-care Infomation