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WinGS Career and research talk : Global glass research authority with industrial and academic career のお知らせ

On Octorber 18, We will hold an open seminar by John C. Mauro, a researcher invited by SG-FResHU at the Support Office for Female Researchers.

Dr.Mauro has led a development team for new glass and glass-ceramic products, including Gorilla glass, at Corning, after obtaining a PhD in glass engineering.
He has received many international academic awards, incliding the Woldemar A. Weyl International Glass Science Award.
Since 2017, he has worked as a professor at Pennsylvania State University in a wide range of academic research fields, including fundamental and applied glass science, statistical mechanics, computational and condensed matter physics, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, and the topology of disordered networks.
In addition, he has successfully developed his career in industry and academia with maintaining a good work-life balance.
In this lecture, he will introduce some ideas including “Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew at the beginning of my career".
Also in the second half, he will review the current state-of-the-art in understanding the dynamics of glass relaxation, including the physical origins of its non-Arrhenius and non-exponential characters.

Date 2019/10/18(Fri) 14:00-16:20
Venue Frontier Research in Applied Science Building:Lecture Hall
Lecturer John C. Mauro (Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University)
Program ①14:00-15:00
Careers talk: My Life as an Industrial Glass Researcher

Research talk: Relaxation is Everywhere

This seminar is approved of the “Topical Lectures in Chemical Sciences and Engineering”(for MC students) and the “Research in Chemical Sciences and Engineering II”(for DC students) under the Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering.