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We held a seminar “Be a professional ~A series of Leadership Development Seminar for Female Researchers “

On January 21-22, 2020, a career development seminar entitled “Be a professional-A series of Leadership Development Seminar for Female Researchers” was held at the meeting room of the Human Resources Development Division.
Dr. Irina Filonowa of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) came as a lecturer and spoke eagerly with female researchers and faculty members of the university.
The seminar was held over two days.On the first day, following a seminar titled “Faculty Positions: a primer to academic job search”, a discussion was held on the theme of “Promoting and supporting women in academia”.
On the second day, they deepened their understanding of “Overcoming self-doubt for women in research” and discussed the topic of “Building confidence”.
According to the participant questionnaire, 100% of the respondents said that this seminar was helpful.

The following is an excerpt from the questionnaire.
・Help me to discover new world.
・I felt that I’m not the only person.
・It was easy to understand what I felt, because it was verbalized and systematized.
・I understand the importance of acting with confidence.
・There was a new notice.
Thank you to Dr. Irina who came from distant Okinawa and all the participants!

Seminar Day 1

Seminar Day 2