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We held a seminar “MEETUP for Global Networking”

On 15th Nov, we held a seminar “MEETUP for Global Networking”.
In this seminar, two of the past winners and supportees of WinGS (Women in Global Science) Global Networking Award and SG-FResHU Support gave presentation of international research networkings and research collaborations.

The presenters were Dr. Kimiko KUROKI(Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)who was supported by SG-FResHU Support in 2015 and Dr. Atsuko ARAKI(Center for Environmental and Health Sciences)who is the winner of WinGS Global Networking Awards of 2016, and they shared their great experiences and tips of global networking.
In addition to their own experience, such as the opportunity for research exchanges and the background to the development of joint research, they also talked about their thoughts and actions for creating and using networks.
The discussions were very active and some participantrs kept talking afterr the seminar.