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Call for All International Faculty and Students: Let’s connect over Lunch

Information from Research Faculty of Media and Communication.
These events are supported by Promotion office of Research environment for Diversity (Reed).


We are hosting three online Brown Bag Lunch (BBL)* meetings in November!
Due to pandemic, it has been a challenge for us to casually connect and network especially for people with multicultural backgrounds. To resolve this, three Japanese female researchers in Hokkaido got together and organized these events to create connections!

These meetings will be casual, so please bring your lunch and let’s connect!

*Brown bag meeting is an informal meeting where people connect over lunch. Participants typically bring their lunches packed in brown bags and it is where the name BBL comes from.

The event theme How well can you communicate at workplace?
BBL meeting schedule Please attend the events you are interested and let us know at the registration.

Nov. 10th (Wed) 12:10-12:55
BBL Meeting: What does international mean to you?

Nov. 17th (Wed) 12:10-12:55
BBL Meeting: Thumb’s up means what? (Guest speaker: Assistant Prof. Michal Mazur)

Nov. 22nd (Mon) 12:10-12:55
Interview with Dr. Richa Ohri (Lecturer at Chiba University): The Power of Stories

Open to General public, Students, Researcher
(Please notify your friends or colleagues who are interested in networking)

Venue Online (Zoom)
Language English
(We need help with English/Japanese translation during breakout rooms. Please let us know if you can speak Japanese, Thank you!)
Registrations Please use the application form below to apply.

(Zoom link will be sent to registered participants prior to the events)

Registration deadline Friday 19th Nov
Organization BBL@Hokudai
Hokkaido University, Research Faculty of Media and Communication
(Izumi Kitazawa)