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Invitation for 2024 KAKENHI seminar in English

We have received the above notice from the Integrated URA Office of Hokkaido University.


The integrated URA office will organize the KAKENHI seminar in English
for junior researchers from beginner to intermediate of the KAKENHI
application writing. Those who are interested are encouraged to join
regardless of your research field.

July 9^(Tues), 2024, 16:00~17:00 (Online on zoom)

Faculty, staff and, graduate students (FD certificated)
(This seminar can also be included as part of departmental faculty
development (FD) activities. Departmental representatives who are
interested should contact us, and we will send a list of participants.)

Please register for the seminar using the link below. The deadline is
on Thursday, July 4rd.

Hokkaido University, Integrated URA Office

 Part 1. An Overview of the KAKENHI Research Grants
    Dr. Hideki Tanimura : URA, Astronomy

 Part 2. Writing a Successful KAKENHI Proposal
    Dr. Gao Min : Associate Professor, ICReDD
    Dr. Evgeny A. Podolskiy : Associate Professor, Arctic Research
 Part 3.Q&A session

 Part 4.Closing


Hokkaido University, Integrated URA Office
Organizer:Tanimura, Koyama, Abe, Kato, Kadota
E-mail: ura-seminar2[a]
*Please replace [a] with @.