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Vol.19_Event Information

Event Information
WinGS Career Talk ~ for female researchers and students
“Women in Academic Research”

Welcome to the 19 th issue of our newsletter.
We will introduce a event “Women in Academic Research” to you today.
WinGS Career Talk ~ for female researchers and students
“Women in Academic Research”
Four female researchers with different background both in academic and
personal life career will give a short talk, so that the young female
researchers and students can meet various role-models of Woman in
Academic Science. It will help young women to think about life-time
career development including the management of work-life and personal-life.
It is a round-table. For Japanese students, a translator will to listen
and speak in English. Take it easy and please don’t hesitate to join us!

Dec. 10th (Thu), 14:45~16:15

Time schedule:
14:45~14:50: Introduction (Noriko Nagahori)
14:50~15:25: Short talk by 4 speakers (7min talk + 1min translation)
15:25~16:15: Round Table (Questions and Discussion)

Main Conference Room, Office of International Affair (Kita-15, Nishi-8)
*Drinks and snacks will be served.

25 people
*Anyone who are interested in woman’s career development

1. Professor, vice-rector, Yasemin Karakaşoğlu, Intercultural Education,
  University of Bremen
2. Assistant professor, Fayna Garcia Martin, Advanced Life Science,
  Hokkaido University
3. Professor, Yukiko Abe, Economics, Hokkaido University
4. Professor, Eva-Maria Feichtner, Mathematics, University of Bremen

Ms. Yoshie Hoshi, Secretary, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido Univ.

***now under construction***

Support Office for Female Researchers in Hokkaido University(FResHU)

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