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Vol.20_Seminar Information_ “Leadership seminar for women researchar – LEADING WITH CONFIDENCE-“

Seminar Information
– Leadership seminar for women researchar ” LEADING WITH CONFIDENCE”

Welcome to the 20 th issue of our newsletter.
We will introduce a “Leadership seminar for women researchar” to you today.
Leadership seminar for women researchar ” LEADING WITH CONFIDENCE”
We will hold a Leadership Seminar for female researchers “LEADING WITH
CONFIDENCE” in 16th, Feb. 2015.
In this seminar, we will learn how to form a good team as a leader of a
laboratory and skills needed to produce results.The details are listed below

16th Feb. 2016 9:30-17:30

Room No.1, Conference Hall in Hokkaido University


Registration & more info
Deadline: 22th Dec. 2015
Free to attend


“Leading With Confidence” is a 1-day women’s leadership programme which aims
to increase career success by understanding self­‐limiting fears, exploring
more effective behaviours & communication, and practicing new skills in a
safe single gender environment.

The programme gives important self-­understanding of individual strengths
and leadership qualities, which create a powerful foundation for women to
develop an integrated, and authentic leadership style. Participants will
gain skills in building open communication and increasing self-­confidence.
They will learn how to enhance leadership presence, to speak up more
assertively in a range of contexts and develop stronger influencing skills
through the workshop with role-­plays, interactive exercises, discussions
and coaching.

Contact us:
Support Office for Female Researchers in Hokkaido University(FResHU)