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“Get together and Practice! ~ for Your International Research Presentation & Networking”

This seminar is for female researchers and PhD students whose native language is NOT English.
In the seminar, a speaker makes a research presentation in English and receives questions, comments and advice from a professional lecturer and other participants.
For a person who is going to attend international conference and make a presentation, it should be a good rehearsal. For a person who wants to improve discussion skill in English, it should be a good practice.

We hold a seminar in the meeting room of the Support Office for Female Researchers. You can participate from your PC using webcam like the Skype,too.
The lecturer will attend online from Tokyo.

We are now recruiting “Speaker (who wants to practice English presentation)”. If you are interested to take this opportunity, please apply through the form, where you can enter your desired date.

If Speaker and dates are fixed, we recruit other attendee.

The one that wants to study about presentation in English and to improve ability of discussion in English through question and answer, please participate by all means.

Time Basically 12:00 to 13:00 (Please bring your own lunch with you.)
Place Meeting room of Support Office for Female Reseachers (kita 12,nishi 7) possible from your PC
Content about 40 minutes (20 minutes for presentation, 20 minutes for questions and discussion including advices by lecturer.)
Speakers Female researchers or PhD students
Other attendee Female researchers and students including MC and BC
Application Please apply through Web Form, where you can enter your desired date.