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We held a roundtable party with the president and female researchers

On July 25 (Tue), we held a roundtable discussion with the president and female researchers at the secretariat meeting room A.

The meeting was held with the aim of exchanging opinions directly between the executive and female researchers concerning the present circumstances and issues concerning the research environment and working environment surrounding female researchers and deepening the recognition and understanding of both parties .

Nine female teachers, mainly science departments, and Mr. Noriwa, Mr. Kasahara, director of department in charge from the general affairs planning department, research promotion department attended, exchanged views on issues related to labor environment, research environment, human resource development It was.

From female teachers, it is necessary to improve the institution accompanying pregnancy and childbirth, to promote understanding within the university, the importance of in-campus nursery school, the influence of standby child problem on research activities, when it is necessary to balance diseases with care and nursing care The need for a system that can work flexibly regardless of gender, and the importance of female teachers’ networks and role models, etc., were presented.

From the president, there is a talk about advanced cases of diversity promotion in companies, and "I would like to continue discussing various issues in detail for the purpose of solving, starting with actions to be resolved from what I can do" "I would like you to convey the information from the workplace in the future", remarks.

This time, it was hoped that the momentum toward further enhancing the research environment of our university will be enhanced by having direct discussions with the executive department and female researchers and sharing problem awareness.
In the female researcher support room, we will promote further efforts to further enhance our research environment.