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Vol.28 Lunch Time Seminar “Research Presentation in English “

Today we will inform you about useful seminar for English skill up.

  1. Lunch Time Seminar “Research Presentation in English “
  2. Transferable Skills Seminar

Lunch Time Seminar “Research Presentation in English “

This seminar is for female researchers and PhD students whose native language is NOT English.
In the seminar, a speaker makes a research presentation in English and receives questions, comments and advice from a professional lecturer and other participants.
For a person who is going to attend international conference and make a presentation, it should be a good rehearsal. For a person who wants to improve discussion skill in English, it should be a good practice.

We are now recruiting “Speaker (who wants to practice English presentation)”. If you are interested to take this opportunity, please apply through the form, where you can enter your desired date.
*The date of presentation must be before 2016 March 1st.


Basically 12:00 to 13:00. (possible 10:00~17:00)


A speaker makes 20-30 minutes presentation (depending on the conference you are going to attend). Then open for questions and discussion including advices by professional lecturer. The lecturer will attend online, with sharing the screen of the presentation and real time picture by webcam.


2nd Floor, Mid-Campus Open Laboratory Bldg #2

Eligible applicants


  • Female researchers or PhD students
  • Non-native English speaker
  • Need to submit presentation slides by 1 week before the seminar.

Other attendee

Female and male researchers and students including MC and BC

Please ask questions and give comments actively for speaker and for you
Attendee can join at your place via web camera of your PC.


Application Form


Support Office for Female Researchers

Transferable Skills Seminar Writing for Journal Submission – Manuscript and Cover Letter Preparation –

This transferable skills seminar is targeted for researchers (MC, DC, PD, Faculty member/staff). Seminar will be conducted in English.

This Transferable Skills Seminar, “Writing for Journal Submission”, is intended primarily for young researchers who are submitting a paper to an international journal for the first time. However, as this seminar will also touch on fundamental “dos” and “don’ts” when writing a scientific manuscript, and will include tips for preparing your cover letter for submission, experienced researchers should also find it beneficial and informative. The lecturer, Greg Adams, is the Managing Editor at FORTE, which is Japan’s leading science communications company and provides personalized, high-quality rewriting and translation
services to Japanese doctors, researchers, scientists and engineers in the academic and corporate sectors. This 90 minute seminar is compact, but provides a detailed summary of all the essential information you need when preparing your manuscript, writing your cover letter, and corresponding with reviewers. The seminar will even include a short workshop in which you can have a recent abstract or executive summary of your paper edited by a professional. This seminar will be conducted entirely in English.

Ⅰ: Practical advice for writing scientific manuscripts
1) Academic English (Sci-Tech English)
2) Useful expression
3) Plagiarism
4) Appealing contents
5) Exercise : Writing appealing sentences
Ⅱ: Writing an Effective Cover Letter
1) What is a cover letter
2) How to correspond reviewers
3) What should be included in a cover letter
4) Cover letter samples
5) Q & A


Mr. Greg Adams / Managing Editor
FORTE Science Communications : Experts in Academic Papers
FORTE is Japan’s leading science communications company. FORTE specializes in providing personalized high-quality rewriting and translation services to Japanese doctors, researchers, scientists and engineers in the academic and corporate sectors.


Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building, 2nd Floor Seminar Room#2

Seminar date

11/17/2016 (thu) 16:30-18:00


Hokkaido University graduate students, postdocs and faculty members
(International students/researchers will be given priority)


10/27-11/16 noon

Max participants


How to register

Go to event information page on Hi-System. Find the event “Transferable Skills Seminar”. Click “申し込む/register”.

Or go to the page below to register.

Hokkaido University faculty members/staffs Please register from the page below.

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail in three business days after registration, please contact I-HoP.