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[FResHU-info(EN)]Vol.39 SG FResHU Support 2018

Hello, today we inform you of recruitment of SG FResHU Support 2018.

Recruitment of SG FResHU Support 2018

Hokkaido University has been running “Top Global University Project (MEXT)”. In this project, FResHU offer a support program for women researchers who has difficulties in traveling abroad due to pregnancy, childbirth, child-care. It provides them an opportunity to invite researchers from foreign countries to have deep discussion on their research.

1.Total amount of the aid and the number of applicants to be adopted

・This program gives a financial support for travel expenses (transportation and hotel expenses) and for honorarium of the invited researcher.
・The period of the invitation is approximately 5 – 10 days.
・The maximum amount of the financial support is;100,000 yen for the honorarium,travel expenses equivalent to 290,000 yen.
・Basically, air ticket and hotel expenses are in-kind payments.
・Two applicants are to be adopted.

2.Possible Candidate of the support

・Women researchers(faculty staff and Postdoctoral Researcher)at Hokkaido Univ. who have difficulty in traveling overseas due to pregnancy, childbirth, child-care.
・The successful applicants are also required to hold a seminar on career development, work-life balance for researchers within the invitation period.

3.How to apply

Please send your application form to FResHU Office by an e-mail.

4.Application Deadline

July 4th, 17:00
Notification of the selection result will be sent to the applicants by July 18th.

Details and Application form

Please click here,

We are glad if you would distribute the information about FResHU e-mail news letter to your friends and colleagues.
Application from here
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Thank you for your attention.

Support Office for Female Researchers in Hokkaido University(FResHU)