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Application Guideline for “Global Networking Award 2018 1st”


Hokkaido University is running the “WinGS (Women in Global Science) Project” to promote international activities of female faculty members as a part of the Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities. The WinGS Project sets up “Global Networking Award” aiming to encourage globally active women faculties of Hokkaido University to show up on international stages and to create global networks.

Content of the Award

In addition to commendation, travel expenses and registration fees for attending international academic congresses/meetings and “Plus-One Visit” will be supplied (up to 400,000YEN)

Eligible applicants

Women assistant professors, lecturers, and associate professors at Hokkaido University, including specially appointed faculty members.

Requirements for the application

The applicants must meet the following conditions:
-Having oral or poster presentation as the first author at international academic congresses/meetings as well as finishing travel before December 31st ,2018
-Plus-One Visit: Visiting researchers or institutions for pioneering, expanding, promoting research collaboration, on the way to or from the congress/meeting.
*Winner will be asked to take a presentation training organized by FResHU before the travel.

The number of winner

The second recruitment of the Global Networking Award will open in Oct 2018, for the travel finished before March 31st, 2019. The number of winner will be one.

How to apply

Please fill in the application form and send it to FResHU Office
( ) by e-mail by July 9th, 2018.

Application form and other details

You can download the application form the website below.
In the page, you can see the list of the award winners 2014-2017 and some examples of successful global networking by Plus-One Visit.


Since it may not be possible to use this subsidy mixed with another budget, please consult in advance.