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[FResHU-info(EN)]Vol.42 “Job Shadowing Training” for Female Researchers

Hello, today we inform you of “Job Shadowing Training” for Female Researchers.

“Job Shadowing Training” for Female Researchers 2018

This program supports the “Job Shadowing Training” for female researchers who are highly motivated toward career advancement in academia. The applicant (hereinafter referred as “mentor”) is expected to “shadow” the female researcher of higher career level to gain experience and insight into the role of a certain level of researchers. Through this training program, we aim to broaden the participation of female researchers in Pl position and university management.

1.About Shadowing

Shadowing is the training program where the mentor can accompany and observe your mentor’s daily work and see her communication and decision making of various levels to know the skills and cord of conduct of higher position.

2.How to apply

Please fill in the application form and send it to FResHU Office by e-mail.

3.Application Deadline

June 29th (Fri), 2018

Details and Application form

Please click here,

Information session

Date: June 11th (Mon) 12:00~ (about 1hour)
Venue: Mid-Campus Open Laboratory Bldg #1, Conference room
Registration form:

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Application from here
Back numbers are here
Thank you for your attention.

Support Office for Female Researchers in Hokkaido University(FResHU)