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MeetUp for Global Networking

FResHU supports the international and interdisciplinary research collaboration to strengthen women’s career advance.
We will hold a seminar to talk about the experience of Global Networking by the past winners of WinGS Global Networking Award and SG-FResHU Support which are the female researcher recognition commendation system of our university.

  • How did you hold the first contact?
  • How did you develop into collaborative research?
  • How did you make arrangements and research progress manegement during that time?
  • How did you publish your paper?

They will be talking about knowledge gained from experience, what you devised, issues and so on.
If you are planning to start collaborative research , or if you would like to know (share) the tips and know-how to carry out collaborative research smoothly, feel free to join us!
※Seminar will be conducted in English.

Date 2018/12/12(Wed)15:30-17:00
Venue [Front Office for Human Resources Education & Development conference room 1st Floor, Mid-Campus Open Laboratory Bldg.#1](
Program 15:30-15:35 Introduction
15:35-16:05 CaseStudy 1 Dr.Masayo Soma , Division of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences/理学研究院生物科学部門 相馬雅代 准教授
16:05-16:35 CaseStudy 2 Dr. Garcia Martin Fayna Maria , Faculty of Advanced Life Science
16:35-17:00 Discussion
Capacity 25 people (Researchers and students belonging to our university.You can participate regardless of gender.) No entry fee.
Deadline 2018/12/7(Fri)

Please apply through Web Form.
Please cooperate with advance application.

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