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WinGS Career talk”Science and suitcases: a personal view of a 4-continent scientific career”

November 6 , We will hold an open seminar by Jennifer Mortimer, a researcher invited by SG-FResHU at the Support Office for Female Researchers.
After experiencing postdoctoral fellowship at Cambridge University in the UK (BS in Australia), she moved to RIKEN in Japan and then as a group leader at the Bioenergy Research Institute (JBEI) under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Energy.
She talks about the career development of young female researchers based on experience accumulating careers around the world.We think that it will be exciting contents not only for women but also for students and young researchers who want to study the world from now on.
She is also a group leader in Plant Systems Biology at JBEI and as Deputy Director at JBEI’s Raw Materials Division and leads advanced research on plant physiology and plant biomass utilization. In this lecture, she will talk about analyzing the organisms of microorganisms.

Date 2018/11/6(Tue) 15:00-17:00
Venue Faculty of Engineering Material Science Building/工学部材料科学棟(MC208)
Lecturer Jennifer Mortimer (Director Plant Systems Biology
Deputy Vice President of Feedstocks Division,
Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI)
Staff Scientist
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Program ①15:00-15:50
Careers talk: Science and suitcases: a personal view of a 4-continent scientific career

Research talk: Plant sphingolipid glycosylation, and its role in plant-microbe interactions and cell wall biosynthesis.

This seminar is approved of the “Topical Lectures in Chemical Sciences and Engineering”(for MC students) and the “Research in Chemical Sciences and Engineering II”(for DC students) under the Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Engineering.