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【Conference report】Education Course(2017.6.13)

The whole education course "Job as a scientist and career development ~ Learning from a career history of female researchers ~" The ninth session was a discussion on the content of lectures in the past as "intermediate summary, discussion" It was.
The theme is,

  1. "What you can do" "What you want to do" "Things you can ask for" Three elements
  2. "Drawing and entrusting" two aspects
  3. "Expect," "give the opportunity" "train" 3K of human resource development
  4. Five tips to help with contingencies
    It was about listening to the concrete talk of four researchers, finding out what they understood and realized, what they wanted to make use of in the future actions, and summarized what was thought of further born question .
    "At first, I did not come to the pin (by just listening to the theory), but I was satisfied by listening to the researcher’s story," the effect of showing both the career development framework and the example to the students can be aimed It seems that it was done. Meanwhile, I think that I got an unexpected opinion and also led to "to broaden my horizons and deepen understanding" by incorporating the opinions of others.