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Let’s raise the fundamental power of telling power – “Voice” seminar that delivers words ,The 1st meeting was held

10/17 (Tuesday), the 1st meeting was held, "Let’s raise the fundamental power of telling power -" Voice "seminar to deliver words.
The 1st theme was "Good attitude and breathing method: sound with resonance from good attitude and breathing method", with lecturer Yumiko Manizaki, about 2 hours on correct posture and respiration method Studied.

First of all, there were lots of points you want to keep in mind from everyday life, such as creating a beautiful posture, conscious breathing, consciousness of your body’s condition with neck and toe massage etc. There were also scenes where students learned how to respond to the voices of five Japanese vowels (Ai Ouio), and the change of participants’ voices could be perceived.

Yumiko Manizaki, a lecturer, thank you for participating.

There are two more seminars,
The 2nd is 11/1 (Wednesday) 15: 30 ~ 17: 30 thousand year memorial hall large conference room,
The 3 rd session is 11/15 (Wednesday) 15: 30 ~ 17: 30 th Century Memorial Hall
Since you can participate from the 2nd and 3rd times, please apply from the form on the following page if you are interested.